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“I Would like to own one”

After you have driven one of our Adventure Machines, you may start thinking “I would like to own one!”





We sell new cars -Really!

We arrived in Port Aransas in 2010 to initiate a feasibility study renting golf cars. The test program was very successful during a 3 month period. We opened our rental and sales facility on N. Alister in 2011.  To date, in our fifth year, we have rented thousands of golf cars and sold over 225 new and used golf cars.


Some of you remember me as an EZGO dealer in Port O’Connor, Texas.  It is a sleepy town, too sleepy for business, so we came here to rent and sell golf cars.  I could not be a dealer here due to close proximity to Corpus Christi, however, their group of golf car stores work with me on selling product on Mustang Island – Port Aransas.

Why EZGO?  Its name says it all!  They are EaZy to operate EaZy to maintain and they GO! Moreover, they are just plain fun to drive around the island.

I chose EZGO because it is the only production golf car that has a part number for everything on the golf car.  That means, if anything ever does wear out or break, the parts are available.  That is Peace of Mind!  Club Car and Yamaha have not reached that level of manufacturing.  Several “aftermarket” items are possibly used to build a street version of the other brands of golf car. For all those reasons, we use EZGO in our fleet rental program.  They hold up to the daily rental wear and tear.  We know they will hold up to your needs.

Beyond Basic

We have learned so much about the environment here and have taken steps to preserve your investment.  Through our innovation, and customization of the basic production golf car, we can deliver a product that will last year after year.

Our New Golf Car Innovations Can Include:

  1. Ceramic Coated Exhaust headers.
  2. Polyurethane or powder coated metal parts upgrades.
  3. Stainless steel 316 grade hardware throughout the golf car.
  4. Fabricated “lean back” seat modifications for driver comfort.
  5. Undercoating
  6. Marine grade MP3 speakers and amplifier option.
  7. Long tops for shade of all passengers.
  8. Unique key/security systems.

For all the above reasons, the basic golf car is a thing of the past. We continue to improve the process of making your golf car more reliable.

Bottom line, when you want information or are interested in purchasing a new EZGO, please give us a call. There is also financing available on new golf cars — either the 4 passenger S4 or the big 6 passenger L6.

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Part of the Purchase Decision

For those of you considering purchasing a golf cart, you can jump over to the City of Port Aransas web site for rules, application and beach permit information.


Our policy ALWAYS has been and will continue, at Coastal Ed’s, we service what we sell! We only sell EZGO. We do not work on Yamaha or Club Car golf cars or carry parts or accessories for these vehicles.

To date 2015 there are over 2400 golf cars registered in Port A. We have sold over 225 new and used golf cars. For this reason, it is essential that we prioritize our service. If you do own an EZGO not purchased from us and have some questions, please feel free to drop by. We will try to help you. If not, we can refer you to the closest dealer or other repair facility.




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