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Changes in Latitude and changes in Attitude!*

Janet and EdCoastal Ed’s Coastal Cruisers & More is, without question, the best golf cart rental store you will find. We are located in the most dynamic small town on the Texas Gulf Coast – Port Aransas! We have great golf cars available to rent.

We sell golf cars as well as rent them! In the past we would build up a custom golf car we call “Adventure Machines”. With the high demand on golf car purchases, we now sell mainly new golf cars as well as some of our retired fleet cars. Any custom will be a new golf car.

My wife, Janet, and I are the owners of Coastal Ed’s. I guess you can call it a Ma and Pa operation (geez, I hate that). We have a great business plan and are very “hands on” in the day to day operation. Our success is a product of our dedication to providing our guests a great rental golf car and our buyers a fantastic Coastal Cruiser. We opened Coastal Ed’s in Port A in 2011. To date, we have sold over 225 new and used golf cars with sales exceeding $1 million.

Some people ask us if we are retired – no Just Tired! Seriously, we feel we can keep providing a quality products to our customers so why quit now! A little annual vacation time in the fall might be in order.

Coastal Eds

Please check out our hours of operation and drop by for a chat if you are looking to buy or rent.

“No boat required to have fun here! It’s just another day in Paradise!

See you soon!

Coastal Ed

*Jimmy Buffett had a point!

Coastal Ed’s Corner

“Transformation Complete – All Systems GO!”

Coastal Ed & AlanI would like to welcome all of our visitors to our Newest Coastal Ed’s – Coastal Cruisers web site for 2014. Some know me from a different venue on the Texas coast, most do not! Life’s path has led us to a new business and new lifestyle in Beautiful Port Aransas, Texas. We are here to provide the many wonderful tourists that visit here annually an adventure in driving a custom “jacked up” golf car through our city streets and on our fantastic beach – looking out to the Gulf of Mexico! The City of Port Aransas has the vision (not found everywhere) to help businesses provide an assortment of entertainment options that helps build Memories for those who visit! We want to be a big part of everyone’s adventure here. Whether you are a hard core fisherman or a beach bum”, there is always much to do! Come on down for a visit – “Life is a highway SO why not cruise it in one of our Custom Golf Cars? See you SOON!

Coastal Ed


Booger the Wonder Dog – Tribute

Some of you may wonder how we came up with the Beach Dog logo!

Booger the Wonder DogWell, one rainy night in Port O’Connor, a tired black – half lab, half basset wondered up to our bay house. I did not want a dog, Janet did and the rest is history. The dog was fairly abused and a little edgy when she found us. Our son, Tony, came up with the name! Not my choice but what do you say? Booger it became!

She turned out to be a great mascot greeting visitors at our Coastal Ed’s Trading Post in Port O’Connor. Of course, by this time, Tony was off to college and Booger and I became constant companions. She would want to ride in every golf car I received in shipments from EZGO.

Naturally, when I moved our operation to Port Aransas, she was ready to go with me! Customers in our new store fell in love with her, too! She was always happy to see someone walk in the door.

Age and illness finally took its toll, so in the fall of 2013; she went off to that great doggie land – probably riding in a golf car!

That is the short version! The stories and memories are endless! We don’t want to bore you and its fine to keep them to ourselves!

You will see the Beach Dog stickers on the slow moving triangle of all the golf cars we have sold.

I Want to Be the Person My Dog Thinks I Am

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